Paytm Ties Up with AIACA to Promote Indian SMEs; ShopClues Partners with Dharavimarket

Image Source: Imgkid

Image Source: Imgkid

Indian mobile commerce platform, Paytm has tied up with ‘All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association’ (AIACA), to bring their handloom and handicraft products on its online marketplace. As part of the alliance, AIACA will present and promote its handloom and handicraft products through its exclusive brand store on Paytm.

The mobile commerce firm is also set to offer merchant panel access to merchants (referred by AIACA) so as to facilitate managing their products effectively. By showcasing the AIACA’s suggested merchants’ creations on its website, Paytm will be able to present its users with a wide assortment of handicraft and handloom products.

Recently, Paytm has announced that it has crossed over 50 million wallets on its platform and is on its way towards acquiring 100 million wallets by 2015. It is clocking over 60 million transactions per month, with the average user transacting 4 times per month on its platform.

Apart from this, another Indian online marketplace has taken yet another step ahead in its merchant acquisition initiatives. The company has made tied up with, which aims to support independent entrepreneurs in the slum settlement by giving them a platform from where they can sell their goods across the world and earn money to improve their lifestyles.

The marketplace model makes sure that the individual artists puts the price they think & deserve while also ensuring that it would still be cheaper than most retail outlets. “This partnership shows that when business is combined with welfare of people, a true win-win situation can be created for all, no one needs to be exploited and an atmosphere of equal opportunities based on an individual’s skill set can be created. This will help us move towards being a happier society,” said Founder of, Megha Gupta.

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