OnePlus Releases its Very Own Android Based OxygenOS

oxygen-BlogSmartphone-maker OnePlus has released OxygenOS, an operating system based on the Android Lollipop 5.0.2, available for OnePlus One owners.

Since China has restrictions over usage of Google products, Chinese handset manufacturers have to resort to open Android platforms like Cyanogen or create their own custom OS. In this case, the development of OxygenOS began when Delhi High Court banned the sales of OnePlus handsets in India, because of a complaint filed by Micromax, which stated that OnePlus had infringed its exclusive tie-up with Cyanogen Inc. for the use of its software and trademark in the country, for its Yu series.

OxygenOS is OnePlus’s solution to the problem of depending on another company for software. The company designed it to focus on performance and battery life while keeping the OS light. The company’s goal is to provide quicker meaningful updates and a better integrated range of service for all its users.

Here is a video which shows the features of OxygenOS including gestures controls from the off screen, quick setting adjustment and a file manager.

OnePlus users can download OxygenOS here.

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