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Indian Mobile Gaming Industry and More – In Conversation with Saurabh Aggarwal CEO Octro

Image Source: gamesindustry

Image Source: gamesindustry

A report by Newzoo claimed that 2015 would prove to be a significant year for the mobile games market, making it one of the most lucrative sectors. Considering the same, iamWire got in touch with Saurabh Aggarwal, CEO Octro, to seek some insights into the current status of mobile gaming industry in India and its future.

Octro has been quintessentially making the mobile versions of traditional offline multiplayer games like Teen Patti, Tambola etc. While these games have gained immense popularity in India, do you think they can bring about the same effect globally?Also, do you intend on creating new mobile games away from the traditional ones?

​​Octro is one of the fastest growing mobile gaming companies in India, with two of it’s games in the top 10 grossing apps on Google Play. We hope to have our upcoming app Carrom Live! gain popularity in and beyond India. ​Moreover, we have started with making mobile versions of popular Indian traditional games to bring back the fun and excitement of these games to the digital age, and are hoping to completely own this space. In the future, we will definitely consider expanding in other gaming genres.

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How do you think is the current mobile gaming industry in India doing? What is the market like?

​The mobile​ gaming ​industry in India is at its infancy right now. With 160 million smartphones in India, we definitely hope that there will be a boom in the mobile gaming category since an average user spends a large part of his time on the smartphone, on games.

You are funded by Sequoia currently. How are you utilizing those funds? Are you looking forward to raise more funds soon?

​We are utilizing the fund in enhancing our technology and strengthening our team. We are monetising primarily through in-app purchases. ​Yeah, with time we will definitely look forward to raise more funds.

Gaming industry demands novel, out of the box innovations. What according to you has been your greatest innovation, setting you apart from your competitors?

​We have constantly focused​ on building a ​quality experience for the users. ​We have experienced a zero downtime for the last 1.5 years on backend servers​.​​​We regularly ​push updates to users through features and upgrades. We are constantly innovating features for our users to keep them engaged and offer the best form of entertainment. Once such feature is the Cricket Betting feature which we launched during the Cricket World Cup 2015, where a user can bet his virtual chips live on an ongoing match and win back virtual chips/currency on Teen Patti and Indian Rummy. While this feature does not allow encashing any winnings, it saw a great success with close to 7 lac bettors betting on virtual chips. This feature is also live for the IPL.

King and Supercell have evidently made it big globally. When do you see yourself in that position?

Definitely. ​King and Supercell are our closest competition since Octro’s Teen Patti has the 3rd spot of the Top Grossing apps on Google Play, just behind Supercell’s Clash of Clans and King’s Candy Crush. We are working on and looking to surpass them to gain the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots on the top grossing apps for Octro’s games.

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