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Indian eCommerce Companies Come Out to Help Nepal in its Crisis

image source: abc

image source: abc

India’s neighbouring country Nepal has been hit by its worst ever earthquake earlier this week. In this tough time, India is doing everything it can to help its neighbour rebuild itself. Not only the Government but also the eCommerce companies are making amends to contribute in whatever capacity they can.

Companies who have come forward to help the calamity hit nation include, online wallet provider Paytm, online shopping portal ShopClues, on demand cab and auto rickshaw provider Ola and mobile recharge app FreeCharge.

The situation can be understood by the dead count which has surpassed the 10,000 mark so far. Owing to the mass destruction, the country is in dire need of supplies and funds to sustain the ones heavily affected by the earthquake.

Paytm has asked its users to donate any amount they feel to when they use or recharge Paytm services, and in return Paytm will match it up and twice the amount will be donated to Nepal. The donation can range from Rs 10 to Rs 1000.

Similarly, Shopclues has also pledged to match every penny donated through its portal to accumulate twice the amount to ‘ShopClues Nepal relief fund’ which will transfer funds in entirity to WFP (World Food Programme) in a bid to help them provide quality food for masses. The donation ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 15000

image source: freecharge blogspot

image source: freecharge blogspot

Whereas Ola and Uber have requested their users to donate their bit to Nepal PM’s fund VIA its smartphone app in a simple promo code using process, which is similar to the recharge process on the app. Further, Ola will individually donate 15 lakh to the fund.

Mobile recharge and coupon app Freecharge has moved a step ahead and promised to donate Rs 20 for every missed call they receive on 9590-666-222. Further, they would provide the callers a Rs 20 recharge voucher.

With the compassion shown by Indian companies and the rest of the world, we hope Nepal gets back to its beautiful and glorious self very soon.

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    I read this article and somehow felt that various ections of the society are utilizing this natural disaster to fulfill their hidden agenda. Freechrge,a mobile recharge company is asking people to give missed calls and they will donate Rs 20 each for the relief. In short they are trying to acquire a database for their future need for Rs 20/-. If they are so serious then they should go and donate a lump-sump amount to PMO relief fund or any other fund. Similarly, news channels like aajtak and ndtv are roaming in Nepal after the disaster and trying to create emphatic stories out of the rubble by asking people the sorry tale to boost the TRPs. If you are serious in your efforts you don’t need to propagate it. People who are trying to make merry out of this disaster are cruel to society period.

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