International Startup Conclave – Conquest: A Launchpad for Ideas

conquestAn entrepreneur is someone who risks more than others think is safe and dreams more than others think is practical. He is the one who sails away from the safe harbor. Dreams. Explores. Fearless. Yes, the experience of getting a new idea is wonderful. What follows can also be equally incredible, when you have a plan and know what it takes to carry your idea from conception to reality. This is where most startups ideas fall short and give up mid-way. But remember the guy who gave up? Neither does anybody else.

Giving the early stage startups a helping hand was our aim and now we have come this far. Conquest was started in 2004 as a Business Plan Competition, by a group of enterprising students with the mission to invite the most innovative startups and help them network with potential investors. It was designed to help start-ups raise funds and sales pitch their ideas in an interactive session to an overplus count of investors with a lot to offer.

Over a decade, Conquest has morphed into India’s largest student-run international startup conclave. It’s no longer just another B-Plan competition. It is not just about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen. Conquest caters every need of a startup and is a perfect launchpad for every worthwhile groundbreaking idea. Changes were induced in the format to attract good start-up participation and keep non-serious business plans from winning, eradicating the previously prevailing notions about Conquest.

Getting used to the ordinary ways of the pavement? Not us. We are in a quest for an idea that can reshape the world, with over 2000 applications, the search is no cakewalk. That’s why we came up with a format free from loopholes. To ensure a uniform and comprehensive evaluation of the applicants, we are joining forces with Applyifi this year. It will render our teams with a 32-point based assessment report which will help them to sales pitch themselves better. We have 50+ mentors and judges on board and many more joining in to pinpoint even the slightest imperfection in the business plan and give necessary feedback.

We give our participants the opportunity to choose their mentors, not just one, but multiple mentors. Instead of communicating merely through emails and telephone, the startups get the chance to meet mentors in face-to-face sessions. The sessions are held across 5 major cities in India. This format has been received particularly well by the participant teams because after these sessions, they are on first name basis.

Our vision is to unite early stage startups with the right people, to ensure that the requirements of a worthy idea and team are met with. To give substance to this vision, we gave 3.5 lakh equity less seed fund and one million dollar worth resources to our winners in the previous edition. Apart from funds, this time we have more than 50 resource partners who would provide licenses to our participants, helping them start-up.

We believe that grand new ideas are sprouting in the remotest corners of the country and we aim to expose them to the world. We are scaling the tier two and tier three cities of country for the ideas that can reshape the world by connecting with over 40 organisations in these cities.

All this and more! Yet we won’t stop… because sky is the limit! We bring necessary changes in the format every successive edition to make sure our participants have the best of everything. So what are you waiting for? Be an enterprising soul, be a go getter. To apply for Conquest 2015, with title sponsor DCB Bank, click here.

Don’t sell your ideas short. Give them a platform to blossom!

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