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‘High There’ a Social Network for Cannabis Fans Approved by Apple and Google

Image Source: cbsistatic

Image Source: cbsistatic

Apple and Google just approved High There, commonly called the “Tinder for marijuana users”. It is the first dating app for pot smokers.

The social network however, had to go through a lot of hurdles before it before it finally got launched and approved. The key restriction in the App Store and Google Play was that  the app could only be downloaded by users in states in which the cannabis industry had been made legal; anywhere else or internationally, the High There’s geo-fencing would lock the user out.

Nevertheless, High There still gained some early traction in New York, California and Colorado, where the company is based, attracting about 41,000 downloads in its first six weeks, with 6,000 people active on the app on any given day. But with 100,000-plus tourists expected to descend upon Denver on 4/20, a holiday for marijuana enthusiasts, the app was set to miss out on a major opportunity as potential users from other states like Texas, where the drug is still banned, might visit and download but then be unable to stay in touch in their home state.

The approval of this app by Apple and Google took Todd Mitchmen, the Founder of High There by surprise. He said,  “I thought we might hear back that they weren’t ready, or that local governments might not be okay with it and ready. Instead, they said we were all clear to go do it globally,” reports Forbes.

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