HereNow: A Location Based Communication Platform that Keeps Locals Connected


What is HereNow?

HereNow is a location based communication platform that lets users connect with people near them. When logged-in, users can see, share and discuss all that is important and exciting around them.

The app was founded in August 2014, by Varun Torka, Niraj Rajmohan and Abhishek Sharma. The mature version of the application was launched in February 2015.

When people relocate with education or job, the new location is not always so friendly initially. Since the app is location based service, it allows its users to connect with people around them in new locations and stay updated with the local news. People connect irrespective of whether they know each other or not.


What problems is it solving?

Inspite of having many people around, it is hard to approach a stranger on a new land in need of a help or requirement. HereNow app helps bridge this gap by enabling its users to help out and also get help from the people around, without the need of knowing anyone personally. It also keeps one updated with the events happening around.

What services does HereNow offer?

It works everywhere. Unlike other platforms, a user does not need to join any group or community to be able to connect with people. Some of the ways in which people have developed their connections via this app are listed below :

  • Two people, who live close to each other but have never met before, collaborate and share a taxi to the airport (the expense gets shared).
  • A fire gets reported and a notification reaches people in a neighbourhood before it appears on any local news network.
  • People get their questions about local stuff answered all the time (like, where can I find X, what’s the best place for Y, what is the contact detail of Z service provider, etc)
  • A blood donation request message on the app, immediately gets help.  And many more.

What milestones has it achieved till date?

Presently, it is available on Android, and its iOS version will be launched soon. A new feature called ‘Teleport’ has been recently rolled out.

“We have seen tremendous response from users across cities including Bangalore, Mumbai-Pune and Delhi/NCR since our first full-blown launch. We are on a mission to enable useful communication around a each and every location, ” says the company.

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    Nice Idea. One question. There is good motivation for user who has problem to ask question, however what is motivation for users to be on the app for providing response.

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