Google’s $100 Chromebit Dongle Turns Any TV into a Chrome PC

Image Source: Chrome BlogSpot

Image Source: Chrome BlogSpot

Google has launched a new device in its Chromebook family, called Chromebit that turns any TV in to a Chrome OS computer. It will cost less than $100 when it goes on sale this summer, though exact pricing and market availability is still unclear.

The Asus-made Chromebit features 2GB of RAM, Rockchip’s 3288 processor and 16GB of storage – all stuffed into a dongle that attaches to ant TV via HDMI and turns screen into a fully-fledged Chrome OS computer. The Chromebit is equipped with two ports – one HDMI and one USB. The first is used to connect the Chromebit to an external display, while the second one is used for power and to connect peripheral like a keyboard or mouse.

Chromebook Flip

Also, there is a new $249 Asus Chromebook Flip, which folds into a tablet mode and a touch screen for experiences like gaming and educational apps. It’s all metal, 15mm thin and having weighs less than 2 pounds. According to Asus, it comes equipped with 4GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a battery that tops out at 10 hours.

Google is also showing off two new low cost Chromebooks from 2 new manufacturers – Hisense and Haier, both available for pre-order now in US and cost $149 each.

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