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Google Rolls Out Tool to Use Android Apps on Windows, iOS, Linux and Chrome OS

image source: kinja-img

image source: kinja-img

App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) is a project that allows Android apps to run on Chrome OS, which was previously limited to a small group of developers who got to collaborate with Google, letting them open Apps on any desktop using Google Chrome.

Google has now launched a new Chrome app packager that allows anyone to run their Android apps on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. The packager provides a new tool termed as ‘ARC welder’ which is a Chrome app that handles the mobile-to-desktop conversion in just a few clicks, using its APK file for the the conversion as reported by TNW.

So far, ARC does not run on Android 5.0 lollipop, but only on Android 4.4. Neither does it feature all Google Play services yet, but still it remains a major step as it means that developers can build a single app and have it run on Android mobile devices as well as on most desktops.



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