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Google Doodle on Earth Day Will Tell You Which Animal You’re Like

First off, Happy 45th Earth Day to all and sundry. Let us all take a pledge to keep it green and serene.

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Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 as a movement initiated by US Senator Gaylord Nelson. About 20 million Americans participated in the celebration. The concept went global in 1990 and is now celebrated in over 175 countries across the world. In 2009, the United Nations officially designated  April 22nd as the international Earth Day.

Earth Day 2015 includes a cleanup of the Great Wall of China, beach-litter removal in Lebanon and an attempt to protect 25,000 acres of rain forest in Indonesia.

In commemoration of this immensely significant day, Google has come up with a doodle which is first of its kind. It features a spinning globe with various animal animations inside the Google letters.With a click, the animation links to a fun quiz where people can find out which animal they are. The primary motive that lies behind this quiz is to raise awareness and appreciation for our planet’s environment.

Confirming that the quiz is “all 100% accurate and scientific” (with a winky emoji though), the Google doodle crew says that it works on any up-to-date browser on mobile or desktop, including the Android and iOS Google Apps.

Google says, i am a Komodo Dragon. Take the quiz and find out which animal you are.


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