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Facebook Introduces Riff, A Video Sharing and Collaborating App to Engage Users

image caption: macrumours

image caption: macrumours

Facebook has released a video collaboration app Riff, which lets the users shoot 20 second short videos and then add tags to it. The tags will share the video to friends, collaborators and other concerned people who can then add their own videos to form a thread of such videos.

To start a Riff video, users first must sign in to the app with a Facebook account and pick a topic for their video, which can be about anything, including one suggested by the app, such as #dancing or #shutdown. Once the user picks a topic, the app automatically gives him/her a 3-2-1 countdown before the camera starts rolling.

As soon as the user makes a video, friends will get an app notification and can add their own clips using Riff, opening the chain to friends of friends. Although each clip is limited to 20 seconds, there is no limit to the number of clips users can add to a video.

The videos made by RIff can be shared on Facebook and also on the internet. The app has been released today in 15 languages for IOs and Android as reported by Forbes.

Points to note for using Riff

  • There are no multi-shot recording or editing features
  • Video will be posted only after approval from creator
  • There is no liking or commenting
  • Viewer can fast forward through a long thread of videos
  • Every collaborator will get the notification when the video has been published



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