Let Me Drive: Car Rental Startup Taking on Zoomcar in India

With the confluence of technologies, we are witnessing  tremendous changes across sectors. One of these areas is transport. Private transport providers like Uber, Ola etc. have already grabbed the international market with their model of providing chauffeur driven cars to customers. Nevertheless, there are other models as well in the market which are getting immense popularity with each passing day owing to the factor of convenience that they offer to the customers, this includes technology led carpooling startups like Blablacar, Tripda, Gotogether etc. which allows people to take their own cars and share the ride with others going to the same destination.

However there is still a class of people who don’t want the hassles of being dependent on a cab driver but require a private transportation for a short duration of time, to cater to this audience there are self drive car rental companies. Taking this model online is a startup called ‘Let Me Drive’.


What is Let Me Drive?

Let Me Drive is a technology driven ‘Self Drive Car Rental’ service provider, presently functional in Delhi/NCR. It provides cars, without drivers on rent.

The idea of this venture was conceived in December 2013, when Founders, Nimish and Navendu realized that booking cars has become an everyday essential. And, booking a chauffeur driven car  was not only an expensive affair but also made them dependent on drivers compromising with their privacy. Hence, the exigency of an easy, independent and affordable medium of travelling led to the inception of Let Me Drive.

What problems is it solving?

Self drive Car Rental  is a well known culture outside India. The startup is catering to this big gap in the Indian travel ecosystem wherein, people have no option other than to book a chauffeur driven car due to the lack of good, easily accessible and cheaper self drive rental options in India.

Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, car rental rates are fixed. The startup provides a door to door pick and drop service of the car. Also, there is a provision for the last minute booking.

What is its working model and policies?

The cars can be booked from the company’s website after paying online. Next step in the booking process is submission of required documents. Following which a security amount is deposited with the company which is refunded after 2-3 business days of the car’s safe delivery.

Booking is confirmed as soon as the online payment is made. The cab details are sent subsequently 5 hours prior to travel time.

Who is it competing with?

Presently, it is competing with MYLES – Self Drive Division of Carzonrent and Zoomcar working on similar concept.

What are Let Me Drive’s future plans?

The company is planning to expand to other cities in the near future. Their aim is to completely replace chauffeur driven car market with self drive cars, with an easy on pocket budget.

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