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Department of Telecom to Come Out with a Roadmap for IoT Soon

The Department of Telecom (DoT) has prepared a roadmap for M2M communications or ‘Internet of Things’ to increase digital penetration which is in line with the objectives of Digital India, and is likely to finalize it soon.

As per a BS report, DoT is coming up with a national telecom M2M roadmap, which will provide all the M2M ecosystem partners in India to have a reference document. A unit of DoT, the Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) has been working on framing the standards for M2M communication which are in line with global standards, KYC norms for M2M services, allocation of spectrum for M2M last mile connectivity, revision of national numbering plan to accommodate M2M needs, privacy issues and data protection.

By using M2M technology, smart vehicles, smart power grids and disaster management can be made more efficient. it has potential to bring new options of local manufacturing for devices, sensors for different sectors, R&D and related services, which will boost manufacturing sector and employment generation.

As per technology firm Xively, by 2020 there will be 40-80 billion IoT devices in use. Presently, the number of IoT connected objects globally are estimated at around 9 billion, whereas, the Indian number of IoT connected devices still hold a ‘N/A’ position. However, a change is soon to be expected in this field from the fact that number of smartphones users are increasing rapidly since 2007 and India will also experience a revolution.

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