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Content Platform Bluegape Raises $200K from Rudy Gopalakrishnan of Fidelity & ah! Ventures

Image Source: thehubforstartups

Image Source: thehubforstartups

Three months since it moved from an online merchandise store to a user-driven content generating platform, Gurgaon-based Bluegape, has raised $200,000 in angel round. The investment was led by Rudy Gopalakrishnan of Fidelity and ah! Ventures. Rudy has invested Rs 1 crore in his personal capacity in this round.

The firm raised angel funding in 2012 and secured $300,000 in January 2014. The platform allows users to track articles based on their interests, what is trending and can also make their own set of feed. Anyone can make collaborative listicles with visuals, and embed them on other sites.

The company claims to clocking 4 million page views per day and aims to increase this to 30 million by year-end. The site generates over 200 listicles per day on the platform. It is backed by TLabs and has received a total funding of 500K till date.

Portals in Indian digital media space have been seen luring investors over the last one year. Some of these include ScoopWhoop which raised Rs 10 crores from Bharti Softbank, NewsInShorts raised Rs 25 crore led by Tiger Global’s Lee Fixel, NewsHunt secured Rs 250 crore led by New York-based hedge fund Falcon Edge Capital and Scroll raised an undisclosed amount led by Omidyar Network.

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  1. 1

    Here is the truth and it has to be exposed. Hope the author comes up with a new article on how Bluegape monetize someone’s hardwork by copying. Bluegape shut down their previous merchandise because of copyright issue. They kept stealing other’s copyrighted products and they had to discontinue their business after getting sued. And now their stealing business shifts to contents. Here’s what they do –

    1. None of their listicles/posts are user-generated. They create fake profiles like ‘Akshay’ or ‘Rahul’ and steal viral articles from Buzzfeed, storypick, scoopwhoop, indiatimes, mensxp, logicalindian, dailymoss, thatscoop, or other popular sites and upload them on their site without crediting the original sources.

    2. 4 million page views in a month? How does a website with stolen contents get this much traffic? Answer – They pay popular Facebook pages like Bollywood News, Bollywood Tabloid and other pages which has millions of likes to post their stolen articles everyday. Basically, your facebook newsfeed is spammed and flooded with their links.

    3. So why doesn’t Facebook penalised the site when they spammed FB with all stolen articles? The trick – While posting their links on these pages Blugegape uses other domain names like, to get their stories redirected to their main domain and it’s specific articles. This way you are never caught by Facebook for spamming.

    4. How long will their business last? You can’t keep stealing other’s hardwork, right? You are going to get the karma one day. It’s a very short term business. For now, Bluegape totally depends their billion traffic on these Facebook pages they partnered with. Most probably, they all will soon get shut down by Facebook for unethical activities. It always happens on Facebook. It’s just about few months.

    5. How do they monetize? Ofcourse through Google adsense and content promotion service like Outbrain and Taboola. According to Google Adsene policies, your site contents must be unique and not copied. Now, here is the risk. Google can ban Bluegape’s adsense account anytime.

    Note – Bluegape’s 70% total earnings must have come from adsene only.

    Message to the Bluegape’s founders: Do you guys think it is ethical or morally right to copy other’s hard work and you eat the fruits? A writer spends hours, days to come up with ideas and gather the right information to write down the stories. And you guys steal it in 2 minutes and monetize it because you have money and power?

    Think about it. It can happen to you. Just imagine, you spend sleepless nights and days working on something great. And your friend sees it and copies your whole idea and he gets the prize of your hardwork.


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