Apple Becomes Greener; Teams up with The Conservation Fund to buy 36,000 Acres of Forest Land


Image Source: TechTimes 

Apple has partnered with The Conservation Fund, an American environmental non-profit with a dual charter to pursue environmental preservation and economic development, to purchase 36,000 acres of forestland in Maine and North Carolina which will be sustained and harvested for packaging future products. The land size is more than two times the size of Manhattan.

As reported by the Cult of Mac, the forest land is broken into two tracts in Maine and North Carolina and will be managed by the conservation fund. The pulp from the trees will be used for apple’s packaging needs and other companies will be able to buy fiber from them.

Apple and other companies too will occasionally harvest the land in what’s called the “working forest” model, which will ensure the long term economic stability of the forests.

This is not the first time this year the tech company has decided to go green. Recently, during February 2015 Tim Cook announced that the company plans to spend around $850 million for purchase energy from a solar panel farm that is being built by First Solar in Monterey, California.

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