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Amazon Launches WiFi Enabled ‘Dash Button’ to Order Products with One Press

amazon dash button

Amazon launches a new product to help people maintain checklist of exhausting grocery items. Its a small, battery powered, wi-fi enabled button which can be stuck to walls, cupboard doors, washing machines or where ever you wish to.

Dash button is linked to Amazon’s Prime account on user’s smartphone and it is associated with everyday household product. Whenever running out of stock for a particular item, you just need to push the button and the product will be ordered instantly. Dash button responds only to first press until the ordered is delivered.

Amazon Prime offers free next day delivery in the UK, and in US (where the dash Button is launching first) majority of people need to wait two days for a Prime order. The service is available by invitation only(requesting for an invite via the Amazon site). On board, popular brands include Bounty, Clorox, Huggies, Kraft, Cottonelle and others.

To avoid misuse of the button (kids might press it multiple times), once when the button is pressed, before registering the order, company’s application asks for a confirmation by the user, only then will the order be processed.

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