Airbnb Finally Responds to Nina Mufleh with Words of Appreciation


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A creative and innovative approach may just be the key to snagging your dream job in the ever-competitive job climate, proves Nina Mufleh. Nina, originally from the Middle East, has been living in San Francisco for a year now. After making futile attempts to land a single interview with Airbnb, despite submitting a number of job applications, she decided to take her job search to the next level by creating an incredible resume that mirrors Airbnb’s website.

What makes her resume so interesting is that it doesn’t furnish any information about her work experience. Instead, it showcases her knowledge about the travel industry, what she could contribute to Airbnb, and what she thinks the company should pursue next.

Talking about her failed attempts to receive a response from the company, Mufleh said, “I actually thought, I haven’t done everything I can, I’ve done the same thing multiple times, but I haven’t tried new approaches”, reports the Business Insider.

Here’s a screenshot of Nina’s resume. To view the entire page, click here.


Nina’s tweet and Brian Chesky’s (CEO, Airbnb) response to it:

Notably, Nina’s innovative effort also has a royal endorsement by none other than her previous employer, Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan. Between 2006 to 2009, Nina developed and executed the social media strategy for Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, who was the first royal to actively engage a global audience in such a direct dialogue.

Even Queen Noor, through her tweet eulogised Mufleh for her innovative effort.

The job confirmation has not been made yet. Nevertheless, the world wishes Nina the best!

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