Bitcoin Mobile Wallet App Zebpay Launches in India

Image Source: Zebpay GoogleStore

Image Source: Zebpay GoogleStore

Bitcoin mobile wallet app, Zebpay has announced its launch in India. The app allows people to transact and invest in the crypto-currency. It would let Indians to buy, send and receive bitcoin, and even spend it to shop products. Users can simply send bitcoins to contacts using their mobile numbers, rather than having a bitcoin address.

The app is protected by a 4-digit PIN and in case of mobile theft, user can insert a SIM with the same number in to any device to access their wallet. Currently, the app is available for Android users. Its iOS version is coming in 15 days.

Zebpay Co-Founder, Sandeep Goenka said at launch event, “We are talking to 15 merchants in India who will accept bitcoins. Their names will be announced next week.”

The company is encouraging people to buy bitcoin starting Rs 100 from Zebpay. Around 60,000 merchants worldwide are accepting bitcoins, and now, there are 320 bitcoin ATMs from where people get cash against bitcoin value.

“Only 21 million bitcoins can be generated globally and they can be traded even in fractions,up to eight decimals. Last bitcoin will be generated in 2140 but 99 per cent would be already there by 2040,” Goneka said.

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