Visitor Registration App Gorkha Raises Rs 1Cr


Mumbai-based visitor registration app, Gorkha has raised Rs 1 crore funding from an angel investor Ramesh Kavediya. The raised funding will be used in building technology, marketing, infrastructure development and expansion.

Founded by Hitesh Malviya in January this year, Gorkha aims to bring a paperless solution for making real life visitor registration by verifying their details through their mobile numbers and photographs. Family members, staff and pre registered visitors have a fast check-in process, as they don’t need to confirmation and verification.

When a pre-registered user is coming as a visitor, they will receive an email with the date and time of the meeting, along with information like parking, elevator instructions, the Wi-Fi password, and even nearby coffee shops. The entire data of visitors are automatically uploaded from the Tablet to the company’s servers.

The company monetizes through a SaaS model, and there are two tiers of Gorkha, at a $149 and $249 a month price point per society. In case of individual residents, the cost of solution is $1 per month.

So far, Gorkha had signed up with two builders of Pune for 50 societies and also plans to come up with iPad version of the solutions for offices and hotels. The company claims to registered 5000+ visitors, exchanged 10,000+ SMS and created 100+ events through its app in a month trial run.

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