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US-Based Peesh Venture Capital Announces $50M Fund for India

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US-based VC firm, Peesh Venture Capital has launched a venture capital fund PVCII of $50 million and an accelerator programme to make early-stage investments in India. The fund will invest in sectors such as ad-tech, eCommerce, gaming, education, mobile apps, enterprise software, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT).

PVC will typically invest $100,000 to $5 million from PVC II, and PVC Accelerator will invest $5,000 to $100,000 in exchange for equity in growth-stage companies. The accelerator is working with 8 startups.

Few days back, venture capital firm, Accel Partners had announced that it is launching an India-focused fund – Accel India IV of $305 million to back early-stage startups. Sequoia also raised a $530 million India-focused fund in 2014. Earlier this month, SAIF Partners had raised $350 million for a new India-focused fund. 500 Startups is aiming to raise $10-20 million for its India focused micro VC Fund, StartupWallah, which is due for launch in the middle of this year.

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    VC‘s bring diversified knowledge which can differentiate a success from failure. The partnership will step-up investments into start-ups that require academic and functional approach to growing a business. This partnership will lead to collaboration in the education sector that is dire need of innovative ideas and investments.

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    Funding the right talent has become a matter of quality research. Vc’s with the knack of picking the disruptive ideas at the seed stage have become essential to put ventures into the flight path of evolution. The partnership will bring intellectual, strategic and operational knowledge for entrepreneurs with passion to develop their ideas.

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    One alternative explanation for the apparent indifference towards early stage and seed deals may be because of pressure from investors. This partnership will however help budding entrepreneurs bet on their ideas with

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