The Uncompetitive Way of Staying Competitive


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There are a number of startup founders who are busy worrying about competition. Constantly comparing features, customers, market and what not. The sales team compares features & pricing while marketing teams compare marketing channels and budgets and so on. And the outcome? Absolutely nothing.

If you are a startup founder your time is better spent worrying about your customer. Deep dive into the problem you are solving and solve it really darn well.

Your competition might be offering a free 30 day trial, does that mean you should too? You should depend on your customers to answer that. Do they really need time to understand your solution, can they get value from it from day 1, does it reduce the friction to signup. Get these answers from your customers. If it doesn’t make sense don’t be afraid of ditching it. Just play to your strengths, build a better on-boarding process, better customer support whatever delights your customer.

Successful companies have solved customer’s problems well, however small, and grown from there. Go out there solve a real customer problem and you’ll build a valuable company.

About the Author:

Raveen Sastry is the Co-Founder of Bangalore based startup Nudgespot, and has a long experience in the digital industry as the Co-Founder of a number of e-commerce businesses in India. He was previously associated with Hoopos, Babyoye, Myntra, Xora and IPTouch.

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