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WordPress Blocked in Pakistan Over National Security Issues


Image Source: Hackread

After Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and several other websites, now the Pakistan Government has banned due to ‘National Security Related Issues.’ Users in the country can’t access nor the blogs hosted on it, however, the self-hosted blogs on the WordPress still work.

The error above is currently displayed when users visiting and or related blogs. As per a source inside the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), WordPress was blocked due to its usage by Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP), an internationally funded terrorist group active in Pakistan and as the authorities don’t have a software that bans specific domain, they prefer to ban the whole platform affecting thousands of bloggers.

The source also reported that, the ban will be temporary and could be lifted with in several days. But, same thing was happened with YouTube when PTA blocked it in 2012 against anti-Islam film trailer, and which is still ongoing.

Apart from this, few days back, Reuters had gotten blocked in China. The country had already blocked The New York Times, Bloomberg and The Guardian due to publishing political exposes, besides a number of other sites like Google, Facebook etc.

WordPress is a blogging platform that hosts million of blogs from across the world, including iamWire. Now let’s hope our Pakistani fellows are able to access WordPress soon.

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