Tagalys: A Startup that Provides On-site Search as a Service for e-Commerce


What is Tagalys?

Founded by Antony Kattukaran in May 2014 along with Palaniappan Chellapan- who serves as the company’s CTO, Tagalys is an on-site search service for all e-commerce companies to help streamline the search . This ‘onsite search’ acts like a sales person keeping visitors engaged with relevant products and filters.

This Chennai based startup uses ‘Intelligent Search’ service, which helps it in managing search and related services for eCommerce companies that increases user engagement, showcasing the right product with filters. For example, if a user is looking for “pink shoes with a bow”, he/she will find the exact product on the website.

Presently, the startup is working with, and 3 trial customers in private beta namely, forevernew india, olivetag and voxpop clothing.

What problems is it solving?

Search is a key driver of revenue. Although less than 10% of the audiences search, they drive almost 30% to 40% of revenue, because visitors who search show intent of purchase.

Online shoppers expect the same user experience, that is offered by offline stores. Most standard plugins that use basic search to engage visitors, either show irrelevant products or filters, that reduces user engagement and results in loss of interest of the user.

It enables contextual search for online stores, where the customers can search for and land on the exact product they are looking for.

Who is it competing with?

The company is competing with other companies in the search and product discovery domain like Klevu, Sli Systems and Unbxd.

What are its Future Goals and Plans?

“We have a definitive product roadmap, we ensure full customisation for the customers we are presently working with, to suit their plan and visitor need,” says one of the team members.

The startup is planning to roll out additional features like product recommendations etc, to add value to the visitors who prefer to browse on our customers retail sites. It closely works with the team from Pitney Bowes Accelerator and the partnership has helped the team make positive strides. While the company is trying to raise funding, they are currently focussing on customer acquisition.

Update: Tagalys won the award of intelligent search service for eCommerce in Bangalore at TechHub event.

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