[Sponsored] Toyzstation Has Moved 100% Business to Flipkart


Ankur Gupta of Toyzstation is not new to e-marketplaces. Before he joined Flipkart marketplace, he was selling his products—toys, games, school supplies, baby products and party products—on other e-commerce platforms.

Gupta says selling online has helped his business reach more customers in a shorter span of time. It also meant better visibility for him. “Now, I have moved all my business to Flipkart. I am 100% on Flipkart, thanks to the results I see here,” says Gupta.

More Customers, More Sales

An online marketplace is not just about establishing an online presence. It is also about taking full advantage of the e-marketplace’s tools to increase sales. E-marketplaces understand their large customer base very well and help sellers with insights on how to do business better.

“The support I receive from Flipkart is unbelievable,” Gupta says, “In one week my sales almost doubled. I was able to make a good profit after many months.”

Better Packaging Options

Gupta laid great emphasis on packaging as toys and baby products can be easily broken. Good packaging not only keeps the products safe, but also makes a great first impression on the customer. “I was one of the first few sellers to receive a sample of Flipkart’s packaging material,” says Gupta. “I was so impressed by it that I immediately ordered more packaging material for my products.”

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One of the major advantages of selling online is that sellers can work anywhere they like. Furthermore, the systematic and accurate payment helps seller to plan timelines for scaling up their business. “My business is more organised and I know that my interests are safeguarded by Flipkart,” says Gupta. “All settlements are made exactly on time with no hassles and I can focus on my core business.”

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    Flipkart payment is completely screwed up. Its not just us, we’ve confirmed from more than 50 of our peers and all have problems with FK’s payments. They show the settlement value as something else and credit in account is often less. No doubt customer base is good, but if the payments is not then it defeats the entire purpose.

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