#MakeinIndia: Samsung and Sony Plan to Set Up Manufacturing Bases in India

Image Source: dailymobile

Image Source: dailymobile

Samsung and Sony have announced their plans of setting up manufacturing bases in India as a part of the Make in India initiative.

As per a report, Samsung is currently in talks with the UP Government to establish manufacturing unit to produce smartphones and tablets. The company will reportedly invest $500 million – $1 billion for this project. Currently, it has two factories, in Noida and in Tamil Nadu, where 90%of their gadgets which are sold in India, are manufactured.

“We can confirm that we are in talks with state governments, including the government of Uttar Pradesh, where we have a factory already,” said a Samsung’s spokesperson, but refused to provide more details.

At World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Kenichiro Hibi, head of Sony’s Indian operations said that they are planning to launch Indian manufacturing unit ‘very soon.’ He also explained that while no decision has been made yet, the potential products for manufacturing in India could be both flat-panel televisions and smartphones. He is likely to visit India very soon to finalize their manufacturing plans.

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