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Drone Company Clear Flight Solutions Raised $1.7M to Scare Birds Away

Image Source: clearflightsolutions

Image Source: clearflightsolutions

Netherlands-based robotics drone spin-off company, Clear Flight Solutions has scored $1.7 million from US-based seed investor Cottonwood Technology Fund.

As per a VentureBeat report, the company aims to utilized the raised funds to invest in ‘robird’ drones that mimic the flight of peregrine falcons in order to scare other birds away from damaging private property. The company wants to prevent the ‘billion of dollar’ damage made by birds at airports every year, which sometimes results in loss of life. This technology can also be applied to other industries, including agriculture, waste management, harbors, oil and gas.

The Robird is an environmentally-friendly solution for all bird-related problems. It is a remotely controlled robotic birds of prey, with realistic appearance and weight of their living counterparts. Robirds use flapping wing flight as a means of propulsion, with a flight performance comparable to real words.

Also, it has developed two types of Robirds: the Falcon, which can be used to chase off birds up to 3kg, and the Eagle to chase away any type of bird. The company is developing possibilities for automated operations with the Robird models, and have started practical trails with partners such as Twence, Pestion, Materialise and University of Twente. Clear Flight added that the development and trials will continue throughout 2014 and the first half of 2015.

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