How to Retain Customers Online by Giving Them One Little Nudge

Customer acquisition has been one of the most important focus area of all businesses. All strategy planning, sales efforts, marketing budgets of companies go in the direction of scaling up by acquiring new clients/customers. However the part that tends to become more challenging after one has acquired customers is retaining them.

Most of the acquisition strategies are heavily cost intensive, some like content marketing, social media etc. also cater to the companies with small budgets. However in case of businesses like online retail, where the cost of customer acquisition makes a major chunk of the expenditure, it becomes essential to keep a hold of those who have already been converted.

Making the Acquired Customers Stay

The task of retaining the customers might not be as money hungry as those done to acquire them, however if the retention plan is not well thought through, it is a waste of marketing dollars and efforts done to acquire them. Staying on top of your customer’s mind and making them feel connected with the brand is important, this is why you nudge them through different ways to make them come back.

Some of the common strategies used for customer retention are as follows:

  • Engaging users on social media
  • Enabling live chat on the website
  • Offering discounts and deals by pop-ups when a customer is present on the site
  • Re-targeted online advertising
  • Having a blog with regularly updated content
  • Providing a personalised experience on the website
  • Branding the business through both online and offline channels
  • Giving every customer a seamless user experience
  • Fast turn-around time for user queries
  • Regular e-mailers or newsletters to directly reaching the registered customers

The tactics given above require both technology and marketing resources. Technology plays a key role in giving an omni-channel experience to the customers, while reducing manual labours. Off late companies have been moving towards more innovative ways of being on top of their minds by using automated systems to directly interact with the customers whenever they perform certain actions. Since it is important to be present for the customers proactively.

Implementing an automated communications to do so is easy, and it simplifies a lot of processes for the customer support team as well. The key lies in staying in constant touch with your customer. To put things in a better light, below is a small infographic created by a US and India based startup called Nudgespot.


The image describes a system where any action performed by a customer triggers a pre-defined response, called a nudge, where the customer receives personalised texts/e-mails/push notifications etc. from the company.

For example, once a user signs up on a website he/she will automatically get a welcome mail from the team etc. Especially if it’s being sent with a team member’s name, it will add a human touch to it and will make the customer feel important. Likewise if someone places an order or performs a similar action, an automated text message can be sent acknowledging what a great choice they have made. At the same time, beyond these expected mailers one can set up a process for reaching out to the customer once they search for something on the site, the possibilities are endless.

Setting up such functions is usually a one time process. And besides personalisation for each user to make them feel special, companies can also promote their other products to targeted customers. This will have a greater ROI than standard mailing activities, and it saves time of the customer support team as well by doing a part of their job efficiently. Especially if you see your users not repeating, nudging them to come back is a good way to go.

About Nudgespot:

Nudgespot is a Bangalore based startup helping businesses interact with their customers via emails, sms and push notifications. Think of Nudgespot as a hot-line between your business and your customers.

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    @Jay, Nudgespot has a nifty feature called “Frequency Settings” where clients can ensure that end customers do not receive more than 1 email per week/month etc. Do sign-up and check it out. In fact, its a great tactic to ensure customers end up getting highly relevant messages only.

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    @disqus_EKKKxxRIxY:disqus I appreciate your concern! But according to the article, its a retention tactic! Looking at the automation revolution taking place, if a user gets a personalized note appreciating his/her purchase, not only it helps creating a purple moment for the customer but also a sense of being valued is also inculcated! And taking your concern about being spammed, well a human touch or personalization is often perceived positively! But after all its a individualistic point of view! Would appreciate NudgeSpot’s take on this! Happy Reading 🙂

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