Recruitment App Super Acquires Crunch Commerce to Disrupt Jobs on Mobile

Image Source: SuperApp

Image Source: SuperApp

After acquiring Viraltrics, a mobile SaaS startup for deep linked referrals, now Mumbai-based a job seeker and employer match-maker app, Super has acquired CrunchCommerce to disrupt jobs on mobile. CrunchCommerce is a bootstrapped company with SaaS products for eCommerce companies that want to go mobile. As part of the deal, CrunchCommerce’s twenty member team will merge with Super and work on the app on priority alongside the existing business.

“We saw great synergies in the team, the technology and our passion for reimagining jobs on mobile. We have a very ambitious vision for jobs on mobile and this requires a team of very smart people. We’re going to be the fastest growing mobile startup in India this year,” said Faisal Memon, Founder of Super.

CrunchCommerce’s co-founder, Dayson Pais will be joining in as Co-Founder, with the entire team. This makes Super a team of 20+ geared towards cracking jobs on mobile.

Super began as a mobile resume builder in 2013, facilitating matching job seekers and employers through the app. Super has half a million registered job seekers, rated over 8500 times with 100K screen views everyday. The app is completely free to use for both job seekers and companies. Its aim is to help companies connect with the right candidates through an algorithm that looks at the resume and keywords in an employers description to make a mtach.

Startups like like JustUnfollow, Webengage, Wingify, Helpshift, Flatchat, Zepo, Haptik, Grabhouse etc. have been using its platform. Faisal also said that it is on the way to raising a series A round.

The technology startups like HackerRank, HackerEarth, SpringRole, AasanJobs, IIMJobs etc.  are coming up with specialized sectors for jobs. For instance, HackerRank focuses on technical developers, AasanJobs is a recruitment portal for blue collar workers.

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