Paintcollar: A Startup that Connects Art with Lifestyle

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What is Paintcollar?

Founded in September 2014, Mumbai based Paintcollar is a marketplace that offers designer merchandise created by artists.The startup provides a platform to the artists, where they can turn their artwork into products like prints and t-shirts and sell them online, setting their own profit margins. In its essence, its an online community for artists to share their creativity and earn while offering customers refreshing new designs on a variety of products.

Amogh Vaishampayan is the CEO and Akash Arun is company’s Chairman and MD. With Paintcollar’s business model, artists are free from creative and financial restrictions.

The company has been operational for five months. Presently, there are around 500 artists who have created over 4000 products till date.


The genesis of Paintcollar goes back to December 2013 when 4 engineering graduates decided to set up a stall at Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay’s cultural festival). The overwhelming response by people, regarding the pop culture posters ignited an idea in the team’s mind to start a venture of online merchandise store.

“In one of our brainstorming parties we hit upon the idea -What if artists could sell their art and designs in the form of merchandise?”, said one of the team members.

The team said, “The way we consume art and design has changed so drastically over the years. We saw that online shoppers today preferred to buy designer apparel and merchandise that they could use and flaunt every day. There is a massive demand for designer products in today’s market.  But the designer merchandise we see today proved to be just the tip of the iceberg as the overwhelming majority of artists capable of creating such products had no platform to do so. Artists had no way of reaching out to the public in a form that had mass appeal. And that is how ‘Paintcollar’ took birth.”

What problems is it solving?

Art comes in several forms and media. For today’s young artists, who are flouting creative boundaries, art galleries are expensive to book. Hence, largely inaccessible. Also, it often happens that artists who design merchandise for e-commerce and retail stores, rarely get the recognition they deserve.

Independent artists do not have a one stop destination to market their work. When they submit designs to online and offline retailers, their profits are pre decided, and the copyright is taken by the company. The artists are given a one-time payment and are barred from deciding their profit.

Paintcollar is connecting art with lifestyle. It is providing a platform for thousands of artists to express themselves and make money by selling their art in the form of products that appeal to today’s young audience.

What services does Paintcollar offer?

Artists have a dedicated profile page where all their designs and associated products are displayed. Artists can create products with their art on them using the product design tool; following which they get the option to set their own profit margins and put them on the website.

When a customer buys a product, the company manufactures and delivers it all across India. For every product that is sold, artists get paid the profit margin they had set. Users can also like and share artworks on social media and follow their favorite artists.

Currently, the company is dealing in four product categories:  T-shirts, posters, canvas prints and laptop skins.

Who is it competing with?

Postergully, Cupick, Make My Merch, Redwolf, Bewakoof are its competitors.

The team says, “In the near future we are going to provide a service by which brands can design and sell merchandise from their own website using our design tool while we  manufacture and deliver.”

Paintcollar is yet another venture trying to help people keep their talent alive and active; they can make a living while following their dreams!

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