NoMyID: A Mobile App that Can Send Emails to Mobile Numbers


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What is NoMyID?

Founded in July 2014 by Aman Sikka and Rajula Sikka, NoMyID is a mobile application which provides a platform to send emails to any mobile number worldwide without knowing the email id of the receiver.

The application allows the user to send emails to any mobile number irrespective of the receiver being a user or a non-user of NoMyID.

What problems is it solving?

Aman faced problems when he had to send mails to people but did not have their email ids. Out of all the contacts not more than 10% of email addresses were known. Many people he knew were facing the same issues. This problem gave him the idea of developing an app that could help him send mails to mobile numbers without knowing the mail id of the receiver.

What services does NoMyID offer?

The application is available on Android, iPhone and soon will be available on Windows OS. A user can send or receive any kind of documents via email. The application also offers an option of chat, using which the user can send messages/images/videos/locations to contacts with live chat and push notifications.

The mails can also be checked from web interface.  Messages will go to DND as well. Basic phone users can use this service on computer via webmail.

Once a customer downloads the app and configures it with his mobile number, he/she can send or receive emails.

For sending a mail, the user will have to go to the mail and in “To” option he will have to select the name of the contact. The particular selected contact number will act as the receiver’s email id and the mail will be sent. The receiver can view the mail, being an app user. In case of non user, SMS notification will go to receiver with user ID (mobile number with country code), password and link to download app or check on webmail (NoMyID’s web mail interface). Non smartphone users can also check mails on webmail.

The startup is currently running in a bootstrapped mode with personal investments made by its founders, and is currently trying to seek investment.

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