Microsoft Project Spartan to Kill Internet Explorer

Image Source: wikipedia.

Image Source: wikipedia.

At the Microsoft Convergence Conference on Monday in Atlanta, Georgia, Microsoft’s head of marketing, Chris Capossela has confirmed that the company is working on a new name and brand for its upcoming browser, code named ‘Project Spartan’ for now. The browser will come along with Windows 10 operating system.

Internet Explorer is not going away. It will still exist in some version of the Windows 10 mainly for enterprise compatibility, but it will take a back seat. Microsoft has been working for years to recover the Internet Explorer brand, but has been unable to fix the browser’s reputation, despite a solid ad campaign.

The company is testing names with market research, but it is still unclear about its date of launch.To make money in future, it is taking help of social media, and has started to use artists to respond to Twitter users with personalized images.

In its Blog Post, Microsoft has also confirmed that Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages. The company will work with three Chinese software companies – Lenovo, Tencent and Qihu 360, and this strategic partnership will help Windows 10 reach hundreds of millions of customers in China and spur adoption of Windows 10 worldwide.

Microsoft is also working with Xiaomi in a partnership – that will give selected owners of its Mi 4, a chance to “help test Windows 10 and contribute to its future release later this year.” A Xiaomi spokesperson told TechCrunch that this is “an experimental program entirely led by Microsoft… and we are trying to ascertain more information about the nature of this partnership.”

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