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You Can Have an lnvisible Lover for $24.99 Per Month


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Don’t want to date but are fed up of friends and family asking if you have a partner? Do not worry, there are online services namely, Invisible Girlfriend / Invisible Boyfriend that can help you fake a relationship.

These websites give you an option to create your own partner, specifying all the minute details from choosing the name, age, photo, designing his/her personality and so on. They give you real world experience and a social proof that you are in a relationship, thus, rescuing all the singletons under pressure to find a partner.

The services provided by the websites are- text chatting, voice mails, handwritten notes, photos and a personalized story of their first encounter and their ongoing relationship. To beneficially use the service, the user needs to sign up and pay a registration / introductory fee of $24.99 per month, which includes 100 text messages, 10 voicemails and 1 handwritten note.

It is available as a private beta in the US and Canada. Once the users register themselves, they can download the gender specific app. Upon the installation, they will start receiving messages from a fictional partner, who is actually a real person.

The service gives a wide range of options, from where a person can choose their partner before customising their personality traits to deciding how to start their interaction. It also helps make a believable backstory of how and where you met and what happened. You can design your own fancy story.

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The idea behind the startup is that single people can use it as a proof that they are dating someone, to silence family and friends and avoid awkward social situations, of being set up with acquaintances.

Moreover, the website can also be seen as a medium catering to the emotional needs of loners who do not have a companion in life or not have found one yet. The need of being listened to, and a company to talk is what sometimes one need. The app can be seen as the one solving the purpose.

Next time your friends flaunt about their mates, make sure you check on them, is it an invisible one?

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