BlueLink: Hyundai App for Controlling Cars Using a Smartwatch

Image Source: inautonews

Image Source: inautonews

At the beginning of the year Hyundai had announced its intention of bringing the ability of interacting with its vehicles via an Android Wear device in a future update to its BlueLink App, and it seems they have worked on their words already.


At CES 2015 Hyundai exhibited how the users can operate basic car functions by simple voice commands on the app in there smart watches. The Blue link App update allows users to lock,unlock and start their cars, further users can also call roadside assistance, stop the engine, flash their lights,honk horn and even locate it in a parking spot.

The features are available on all Blue Link-equipped Hyundai models. One has to log into the app with their ID, password to use this feature. To access the feature an active subscription is required along with a four digit PIN for security purposes.

Many pros and cons arrive at the thought of it, but the major question here is that whether the users will accept the idea going totally hands free on the wheel and using their automobile by an app.

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