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Indian Startup Avishkaar Box Launches Robots to Teach Programming to Children

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Worldwide, there’s a tremendous movement towards introducing Programming/Coding among young learners. A video featuring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg that motivates young learners to take up programming, has already clocked more than a million views.

An Indian startup Avishkaar Box has developed interactive robots for children, Robby and Bonny, to encourage them learn programming. Tarun Bhalla, Founder and CEO of Avishkaar Box, believes that children as young as five years old can start learning programming.

While working on his first venture, Building Blocks that installs Science and Robotics Labs in schools, he came up with the idea of Robby and Bonny.

Robby and Bonny

The robots teach programming and logic building, they interact with the child and play or move around with the help of smart vision.

Children, aged 5 onwards can interact with the robots using a smartphone (Android, Windows or iPhone). Kids can even write a program (using Desktop software – iOS/Windows) that resides in the Robots.

The robots have a play time of upto 3 hours with a Bluetooth connectivity. They come with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a standby duration of 20 days. Both the robots have two IR Sensors, one on either side.

Following are the different stages of learning

  • Programming on the Fly: (Age Group 5-8) Children can write various kinds of programs by simple drag and drop of blocks and the bots work as per their logic.
  • Advanced Programming: (Age Group 8-10) These Robots can be programmed via a Desktop Programming software Robo G. This software follows the basics of any structured programming language, and is recommended once the child has outgrown the first level mentioned above.
  • Expandable Programming: (Age Group 10-12) With time, as the familiarity with robots increases, children can further add additional compatible hardware like LED strips, LCD Screens and motors. Further, children can program the robots on their own as well.


Its features are:

  • Smart Vision: The inbuilt sensors are the eyes of the robots that enable them to see things around them. Kids can program these robots for various actions like an obstacle avoider or an object follower.
  • Talk: Its an interactive robot and follows child’s commands like forward, backward, left, right and stop.
  • Joystick: The robots can also be controlled using a joystick as well.

There are certain features and accessories listed below, which the company claims to roll out soon.

  • Hindi vocabulary will be launched soon, so that kids can interact with the bots in hindi as well.
  • A light pattern can be programmed using the expandable programming.
  • Both the Bots can be fitted with an additional rotational neck, whose movement can be easily programmed via the phone app (Robo B) or the desktop app (Robo G).
  • A robo cart, to carry things around.
  • Robby/Bonny can be extended to become part of extensive Robotronics Design System, which will enable learning in a fun way.

The video below, will give you an idea of the bots functionality.

Presently, the bot set is present for Rs. 1999. The founders want to first establish a dominant position in the Asian Market before they enter into the European and American markets.

Looks like the founders of Avishkaar Box have literally taken the statement of PM Modi to Make In India. The team is focusing on not making in India but raising the Makers In India.

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