Indian Railways puts Restrictions on Online Ticket Reservation

image source: wordpress

image source: wordpress

A new restriction has been put on online booking of train tickets by the Railway Ministry.The number of tickets that can be booked in one session has been reduced down to one ticket. After one ticket has been booked, the login session will expire during the peak hours.

The restriction will be applicable while booking of e-ticket between 0800 hours and 1200 hours.However, this restriction will not be applicable while booking onward journey/return journey e-tickets.

According to an NDTV report, a railway ministry statement said “There will be a restriction of only one booking in one user log-in session in e-ticketing and forced logging out of the user before another booking for all users including IRCTC agents.”

While the move will certainly help the rail corporation in curbing down the purchases made by agents, by adding such a restriction it is also reducing the convenience of e-booking for the users who really do want to make multiple bookings.

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    Why do news reports often carry this very same photo of something that is NOT an Indian train?