Google Sniper : A Money Earning Website that Looks Fake but Probably Isn’t


In 2009, an ‘easy money earning’ website, Google Sniper was launched by George Brown. Its authenticity was under question initially and people looked at it with a skeptical eye, since it clearly appeared to be like any other phishing scam. However, the Internet is full of people who willingly walk into such schemes, and it turned out that the site was legit, although money wasn’t guaranteed.

While the exact process of how it works has not been revealed on the web, but after reading several reviews we figured out that Google Sniper is a course on affiliate marketing, its meant for online businesses to earn money by leveraging existing search engine traffic and various affiliate programs. The first version became obsolete in 2012 after Google updated in search algorithm, and a second one was launched in the same year.

The money making website looks fake but after religiously going through various internet posts it seems and claims to be real.

Its third upgraded version ‘Google Sniper 3.0’ was launched recently in January 2015.

However, people worldwide still speculate its authenticity as it sounds like one of those shady, easy, money earning scam programs, which are available all over the net.

Since the program provides no free/trial version, nothing of its work, function, or authenticity can be talked about. The download demands a pay of $47. Although, the question is how exactly is it helping in making money? Well, unless one pays and gets an access to it, it is hard to address that question.

It is really an easy way out for the masses to earn money or is it a hyped scam, gaining attention in media light? We would strongly advise you to go by your judgement before venturing into such a product, we neither promote nor endorse the same.

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