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Google Launches ‘Google Store for its Hardware and Devices


Google has officially launched its new online store ‘Google store’ with a specific purpose of selling only Google hardware such as tablets, chargers and other devices. Launching of Google store makes the purpose of Google’s current platform ‘Google Play’ limited to only digital content, so much that even the device section of ‘Google Play’ now re-directs to the Google Store.

Consumers will now be able to learn about and buy Android phones & tablets, Android Wear watches, Chromebooks, Nest devices, media streaming devices (Chromecast), and other related accessories on the Google Store.

The Google Store will be accessible on the Web, Tablets and mobile phones. The payments however, will have to be made by ‘Google Wallet’. The users who purchased earlier from ‘Google Play’ already have ‘Google Wallet’ accounts, but for new ones a ‘Google Wallet’ account has to be made.

Earlier, Google opened it’s first branded store to sell it’s products in London and is set to open three more very soon. With another new consumer oriented service in charts, it seems a long while since Google was just a search engine.

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