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Flipkart & Myntra Shut Down Their Mobile Websites to Push Mobile Apps

Image Source: neevtech

Image Source: neevtech

To become mobile-app only shopping platforms, Indian eCommerce players Flipkart and Myntra have shut down their mobile websites. Users are now directed to Google’s Play Store and iOS’ app stores to download the application.

The desktop-based sites are still functional though both companies are considering shutting them over time, to move sales entirely to the mobile app. A Flipkart spokesperson told LiveMint that ‘With the app, customers can stay logged in to Flipkart at all times. This helps them save time and get smoother and faster checkouts.’

Myntra, which is a subsidiary of Flipkart, generates over 90% traffic of its traffic and 70% of its orders from its mobile app. It is expected to transform into a ‘mobile-only company’ this year. Over the past few months, both companies have launched initiatives to push their respective apps, by offering app-only discounts and offers.

As per We Are Social’s report,  72% of Indian population use mobile to search for a website while only 27% use desktop/laptop. India will have 500 million Internet users by 2018 from 200 million currently and majority of these users will access the internet on their smartphones, according to a report ‘Mobile Internet in India 2014.’

It will be interesting to see if its competitors – Snapdeal and Amazon, will go the same way and shift completely to mobile too.

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    Its indeed a bold move by both Flipkart and Myntra to go this route. I recently tried opening Myntra website on my mobile but it redirected me to the app and it was such a frustrating experience because I already have so many apps on mobile that I don’t need one more because I won’t be buying from Myntra regularly. So in essence, Myntra lost one sale. I do keep Flipkart app because I shop there regularly.

    So this will definitely be damaging for both companies for first time buyers but they must have done their research and the true target audience for them would be returning customers. I don’t necessarily agree with this mobile only approach but maybe the numbers define strategies.

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