Facebook is Testing a New Dialer App with Automatic Call Blocking

Image Source: Android Police

Image Source: Android Police

Facebook is testing a new, Android-only dialer app named Phone, that shows user information about who’s calling and automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers. Yes, it does sound like a Truecaller rip-off

The app is marked ‘FB-only’ and a Facebook’s spokesperson confirmed it’s existence to VentureBeat, he said “We are always testing things and have nothing to announce at this time.”

As user can see in the screenshot above, courtesy of AndroidPoilce, the app was meant to be tested internally at Facebook (hence FB-only). Tapping the button to install or update it does nothing but throw user to a ‘no-page found’ error, which is probably because the app is stored internally on Facebook’s intranet for security purposes.

Facebook has more than 1.30 billion users, many of these have saved their number in their profile, so an Android dialer Phone app will show user detailed information about who is calling even if their number is not in user phone.

There is no update regarding the public availability of this app. But considering Facebook’s user base, it might be a serious threat to TrueCaller, despite being a late mover.

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