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Facebook Restricted Access to 5,832 Pieces Content in India During H2 2014

Image Source: 2.bp.blogspot

Image Source: 2.bp.blogspot

According to Facebook’s global transparency report, the social network restricted access to 5,832 pieces of content in India during the second half of 2014. Most of the blocked content was requested to be blocked primarily by law enforcement agencies and the India Computer Emergency Response Team within the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The request was made due to including anti-religious content and hate speech that could cause unrest and disharmony.

It is still unclear how many request were actually sent by these government agencies, although Facebook mentions that, “Each and every request we receive is checked for legal sufficiency and we reject or require greater specificity on requests that are overly broad or vague.”

Overall, the Indian Government sent 5,473 requests seeking information for a total of 7,281 accounts on Facebook, and the company complied with 44.69% of these requests, where it provided some user data to the Government. In the first half of the 2014, the total requests sent by the government was 4,559 for seeking information on 5,958 accounts.

The US continues to be at top with 14,274 requests on 21,731 accounts with 79.14% compliance. Globally, Facebook received 35,051 requets for seeking information on 50,236 accounts across 87 countries. Turkey remained at second with 3,624 pieces of content restricted, followed by Germany with 60% restricted content pieces.

Another social networking site, Twitter received only 15 post removal requests from the Indian government authorities for the period of July to December 2014, as per its latest transparency report. While, Google got 2,794 data requests from the government agencies that were primarily for its online video portal YouTube.

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