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Delhi Government Seeks to Block Uber and Ola’s Mobile Apps

Image Source: timeslive

Image Source: timeslive

The Delhi Government has asked Union Information Technology Ministry to block taxi-hailing apps of Uber and its Indian rival Ola, because both failed to comply with the requirements of the new licensing rules. In December 2014, the Delhi Transport Authority has ordered all unregistered web-based taxi companies to halt operations until they obtain an operating license. The ban followed by an early-December incident where an Uber driver was arrested on charges of raping a woman.

The ban, however has been ineffective and both Ola and Uber continued to operate in Delhi while their license applications are pending in Delhi. Now, the city believes blocking the apps is only the way to enforce the ban, a Delhi government official told Reuters.

In January this year, both companies had applied for the licenses but their license request was rejected by the Delhi Transport Authority after finding gaps in applications. Both the companies said they had complied with the rules and, while their applications were pending, they continued offering their services.

But earlier this week, authorities warned both companies that if they didn’t stop picking up passengers, their applications for radio taxi licenses wouldn’t move forward.

Now, let see what action will be taken by the Delhi Government and who will be the first to get a green signal.

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