Class Travel : An Australian Startup Trying to Uberize Premium Hotel Bookings


Above Shown: Class Travel Founders

What is Class Travel?

Founded by Sam Lee and Mark Robinson, Class Travel is a San Francisco based hotel booking app which helps frequent travellers book 4 star and above hand-curated hotels. The users just need to drop the pin of their travel place on the map of the app, and the personalised app will provide the hotels list.The app learns its users/customers preferences, so as to provide personalised upgrades, rewards and bonuses in the future. As an added bonus for its customers, a surprise reward package is awarded with every booking.

Presently, the app is functional in Australia and US.

What problems is it solving?

Last moment hotel bookings are often stressful, and sometimes not upto the standard. As many frequent travellers mention, the rooms that they get are never like the picture they see while booking it. Class Travel app caters to these problems. Class makes sure to provide what they showcase on their app. Travellers can book the hotels in less than 6 seconds via the app.

What services does Class Travel offer?

The bookings are done is less than 6 seconds. As an added bonus, a surprise reward package is awarded with every booking. The surprise package may include room upgrades, free breakfast, dinner at top restaurants, free Wi-Fi, etc.

1appWho is it competing with?

Its main competitors are the conventional travel sites like Hotel Tonight, Hotel Quickly, Expedia and Booking Now.

Class Travel’s goal and vision:

Class Travel’s long term vision is to create a company known for delivering a good experience through the efficiencies of the app; quality hand-curated hotel partners and a loyalty scheme that goes above and beyond the customer expectations. “Class team aims to provide its each and every customer, a CEO like experience,” says the team.

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