Ahmedabad based Tech Startup wWhere Raises Seed Round from Angel Investors

Image Source: wWhere FacebookPage

Image Source: wWhere FacebookPage

Ahmedabad based location-based startup wWhere, is raising $100,000 at an undisclosed valuation. It has also received a commitment of another $100,000 in funding from a consortium of angel investors across US, India and Singapore.

Founded in 2014 by Ritam Bhatnagar, the startup aims to solve the problem of exchanging locations with people and businesses around us. The startup was in a private beta for 12 hours in September, and saw over 500 downloads and 2600 signups in that time span. Going further, it is now working for a global launch, targeting countries in Asia, Australia and Europe.

It allows the users to send their real-time and saved locations to anyone in their phonebook as well as can know about the location of others through their app.

The startup has a team of 9 now, and by using advanced algorithms, the startup has been working towards re-defining macro-locations, thereby making locations more personified. Two versions of the product-a mobile app and a web-app, can both be accessed over any smartphone with data connection.

Here is a video which shows how the startup works:

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