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8 Killer Apps to Exercise Your Brain

Digital gaming is no longer just a fad, it has become a part and parcel of life. Although, these games are mainly for entertainment purposes or for passing time, a few could actually help you stimulate your mind. Following are the eight gaming apps which have been scientifically designed to exercise your brain:

1) Lumosity

This app is a tripartite of games based on achieving goals against time. The game requires you to exploit your capabilities of memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed or flexibility of thinking.

Developers say just one session a day can improve mental skills and users can track progress and compare performance with others. The app is built by Neuroscientists with extensive research in the field of Neuroplasticity.


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2) Happify

Train your brain to be happy? Yes! Using basis of positive psychology, which involves focusing on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to lead fulfilling lives, this app quizzes, polls and helps your create gratitude journals. The users are combined into a positive community.Also, it gradually teaches the user, life-changing habits. The goal is to build the aforementioned skills and keep users smiling all day.

Image Source:dynamicleap

Image Source:dynamicleap

3) Duet

Duet is a game which is designed to challenge your frustration level. However, when one finally wins, the level of satisfaction is double. The goal is to maneuver two objects in sync, past white blocks by rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise. Although the concept is simple, the execution is extremely challenging.

4) Blendoku

Blendoku is a colour blending app. The goal is to identify and build up the sequence of shades between two given colours. As the level of the game upgrades, so do the number of slots in the shade sequence increase. The game basically tests the user’s visual intelligence.

This app also features a ‘colour blindness’ mode.

 5) Think

Think attempts to slowly teach the player to think visually, and use these learnings to construct more complicated ideas further into the game. The game uses a smart, contextually aware hint system and AI which will guide the user to the correct answer – instead of just opening out few letters on the keyboard as most other games do. The user will find themselves having delightful conversations with the game and trying out various combinations – just to elicit a response from the AI.


6) Eidetic

Eidetic uses a technique called ‘spaced repetition’ to help you memorize anything from important phone numbers to interesting words or facts. It works differently from typical brain training apps by using items that have meaning and context, like your mom’s phone number, bank account details, or a new quote worth reciting. Notifications remind you when it’s time to test yourself and spaces out tests over time to make sure you retain the information in long-term memory.

Image Source: lifehack

Image Source: lifehack

7) Quizup

The game is a mobile trivia app similar to the game Trivial Pursuit. QuizUp is a multi-player game in which one user competes against others during seven rounds of timed multiple-choice questions of various topics. There are over 680 total categories of topics available to users to choose from and all the questions are voluntarily submitted by content contributors. Most categories are available in different languages.

 8) Brain Wars

The game pits you against friends and strangers across the world. It is based on quick brain challenges, sectioned into different categories, such as memory, speed, calculation, and observation. The overall point is to see just which categories your brain reigns triumphant. In each round, there are three challenges. Whoever scores the highest on each challenge after the three games wins. Afterwards, the game calculates your score, then displays a graph of your strengths and weaknesses. There is a rating system built into the game, which makes sure you only play people who are on your same rank.

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    If you consider these games, Lumosity is the best (Personal opinion) but it`s shitty expensive. Their free version do not offer many interesting games. But it`s really recommended if you have conditions like ADHD, PTSD, etc….

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