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8 Must Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

With the growing number of entrepreneurs across the world, the need to keep a track of the related aspects of the emerging businesses is a mandate.

Travel schedules, client presentations, numerous data platforms, deadlines for the team etc. There are indeed so many aspects in the constraint of time that an entrepreneur has to keep a check on.

Here are our choice of must have apps for every entrepreneur to stay ahead of the game and also assist them in finding time for other personal goals.

1) Slack

As the name suggests, this app helps the entrepreneur cut some slack. Slack is a platform for team communication; everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever one goes. It makes the team communication over multiple levels, hassle free, and lets the task be handled by various departments on a single platform.Thus, avoiding the chaotic process of working on multiple windows. The best part is that it can be switched from the desktop to any handheld device to assist individuals to keep track of their task on the go.

The app is available on IOS and Google Play Store


Humin is a phone app that captures all of your contacts and remembers them in the way you naturally think. It has replaced the old alphabetical list and lets you search with terms like “met last Friday” or “lives in Mumbai”. When you meet someone new, you can now capture the moment— not just their info.

Humin remembers the entire context of every encounter. It reminds you of who will be in your next meeting, connects you with friends when you travel, and shows you when someone you know is visiting your city. This app is indeed a must have for the upcoming entrepreneurs to keep track of important people.

It is available on IOS and Google Play Store


This app is designed to make life easier for the mobile business individual.With companies providing their employees with smartphones, it has become difficult to keep track of conferences and call bills taking place internationally and nationally. It assists in keeping control of call costs with a simple tap, and the ‘Mobileday Advantage’.

It works on a dynamic dialling technology which automatically routes the call to save the maximum amount of money possible. The fact that it is a highly secure service, just adds to its edge. So, if you are looking at regulating call costs of your employees, Mobileday is your pick.The app is available on IOS and Google Play Store

4)Chaos Control

Chaos Control allows busy entrepreneurs to merge all goals and tasks into projects; classify them, and track them into completion so that you have more time for personal goals.It assists busy individuals in setting daily targets, and thus, helps in better time and task management.

The app is available on IOS and Google Play Store


On a typical day it is hard for a budding entrepreneur to keep track of the growing mass of mails , deadlines ,projects and contacts. Producteev is the app just to address these issues. It assists in tracking projects that can be shared in a customized manner.This can be seamlessly synced across all platforms,i.e. desktop ,IOS, Android, helping you access information whenever and wherever you want. It provides an assistance in monitoring individual productivity by prioritising and assigning deadlines. Also, the app has a feature to filter the tasks based on various categories. So, entrepreneurs looking to harness chaos to their advantage, Producteev may just be the solution you have been looking for.

The app is available on IOS  and Google Play Store


This app may be highly beneficial for B2B sales, for it lets the prospect view the simulated 3D models in real world, real size and real time of the products you are pitching. Hence, it helps increase your sales efficiency. It is a highly beneficial tool as it saves a lot of time in formulating and designing visual aids for the clients for their better understanding. Augment speeds up your design process and quickly gives a realistic vision of your concepts through augmented reality. This can be a vital tool for entrepreneurs venturing into the products sphere.

The app is available on IOS  and Google Play Store


Travelling is essentially an inextricable part of an entrepreneur’s life owing to the fact that it is important to meet potential clients and investors, and convince them. With so much riding on these visits, one wouldn’t want to be worried about remembering the flight timings or reservation details. Here, comes the role of WorldMate. It helps you keep a track of your travel plans and reservation schedules, so that those tiny details don’t slip off your mind.

The app is available on IOS  and Google Play Store


The app is a one stop office suite to keep a track of all the departments of a company. It provides a comprehensive dashboard to access areas like financial books, HR and Administration, CRM, Sales and Marketing, Emails and Collaboration etc. So, why waste time calling up and digging out information when it could all be accessed from Zoho?

The app is available on IOS  and Google Play Store

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    An entrepreneur would very often need to jot down and organize the ideas. An app like ‘Mindly’ would help to do that. And csn be shared too.Not denying the purpose of other apps you have mentioned, but I felt it has to start with priorities. Here, ideas.

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