5 Kinds of Emails That Click with Customers

mailIf I were to ask you to list memorable messages you received on ANY channel in the past year – what would your answer be?

Do you remember any of the GOSF or daily Groupon emails or Spicejet’s many attempts to lure you to book their cheap air tickets (I suffered too!)? Most companies look at marketing with a silo vision. Those who send email campaigns (both, B2B & B2C integrated campaigns) seem to be playing a numbers game and are focused on increasing their customer database and carpet bombing them.

According to Marketing Sherpa at the recently concluded Email Summit 2015, marketers need to focus on using available customer information, aim to learn more about their customers and use those insights to be more relevant. Even if you’re running a brick and mortar store, can you engage your customers à la Minority Report? Wouldn’t you just love it if you could ask your customers if they need a cab when they need it the most (think: rainy day, exiting from a packed concert/movie)?

Here are the emails that really click with customers based on 5 principles below:

  • Simplicity& Design Responsiveness –an easy on the eyes design with a minimalistic approach to content:

1st - Dropbox email

  • Clear Call to Action–ensuring your customer has only one thing to do: click on the link you provide!

2nd - Air B&B email

  • Embedding social media effectively – Give your customers a chance to interact with you on a medium of their choice

3rd - BlueStone email

  • Tone – use a human tone in all your communications, especially when you have messed up!

4th - Ixigo email

  • Personalization & Relevance – This is the most important one. Based on how a customer interacted last with your product/app/service.

9th - Lenskart email

At Nudgespot, we’ve been helping both B2B and B2C companies get to know their customers better and proactively lead them on a highly relevant customer journey. What are some of the customer centric emails you’ve been sending lately to your customers?

About Nudgespot:

Nudgespot is a Bangalore based startup helping businesses interact with their customers via emails, sms and push notifications. Think of Nudgespot as a hot-line between your business and your customers.

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