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What is Youshorts?

Founded by Tushar Shinde, Youshorts is an online platform for showcasing short films across the globe. On Youshorts one can watch hundreds of short films submitted by the audiences as well as  various short film makers and normal users. Users can not only watch the films but also  rate them, and can also have discussions on them. Currently it has a descriptive page, and a beta version of the site will be launched by the end of February or mostly by 1st week of March.

The  Youshorts team believes in exploring the world of short films. During the shoot of ‘Raahi’,  a full feature length college movie, the team tried to connect with other film-makers to make their film publically available for genuine reviews.However, upon surfing the net, they failed to find any single dedicated channel where they could get connected with other enthusiastic film makers.Owing to this crisis, a strong need for such a platform was felt by the team which led to the inception of Youshorts.

What problems is it solving?

Youshorts is providing a platform for short directors who fail to get attention and are unable to showcase their product to audience. This online space gives them an opportunity to make their films available for the public, thereby helping them gain recognition. They get genuine reviews about their product , and can as well engage themselves in conversation/discussion with interested people.

Youshorts offers a chance to budding talents to  catch an eminent filmmakers interest. You can watch, share, connect and grow with Youshorts.

What services does Youshorts offer?

Its for those, who love watching short films. Users get to watch various kinds of quality short films from every nook and cranny of the globe, which would have gone ignored otherwise.These films are based on various themes and genres ranging from comedy to psychedelic stuff.These films are submitted by short films makers who can be based  anywhere in the world.

Viewers can inspire the short film directors by giving them ‘inspiration credits’, known as Ping. Youshorts will highlight the top three shorts based on their past 30 days’ performance. They will be nominated as top 3 shorts of the month and will be featured on Youshort’s home page regularly.

What is Youshorts submission and showcasing policy?

There is a must satisfied condition before submitting a shortfilm to Youshorts. These films must be uploaded  first on  Youtube  before its submission to Youshorts.Following that step, the submitter has to send the URL of  the short  to Youshorts. After  a judgmental review by the team of Youshorts, the film might be showcased on Youshorts or might as well be  uploaded to official Youshorts channel on Youtube in order to maintain the exact view count, and to get more coverage.

It is competing with Youshorts team says, “We are not really trying to make world a better place with Youshorts, but we can make better differences to the beautiful minds of creators, we can inspire them. If you feel that we are doing something useful, then you can help us spreading it.”

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