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Healthcare Wearable Maker VitalMedicals Raises $925K in Seed Funding

Image Source: vitalmedicals

Image Source: vitalmedicals

San Francisco-based VitalMedicals has raised $ 925,000 in seed funding from angel investors and the Stanford StartX Fund. The company will use the raised funding to grow its technical team to continue building smart glasses technologies for the hospital and beyond. It will also use the money to expand its pilot programs beyond the existing first two sites: El Camino Hospital and the Palo Alto Veterans Association Hospital.

The company currently offers three mobile and smart glasses-enabled products for use in hospitals:

VitalVideo streams live ultrasound, fluoroscopy,and endoscopy video to smart glasses and tablets during procedures, bringing that data right into a surgeon’s field of view.

VitalCom enables clinicians to talk with anyone else in the hospital with just a voice command to their smart glasses or mobile device, as well as sharing their point of view via smart glasses’ front-facing camera.

VitalStream streams live vital signs and alarms to the anesthesiologist or circulating nurse’s smart glasses or tablet during conscious sedation procedures to improve situational awareness.

Here is a video which shows how VitalMedicals products help surgeons at work.

A study conducted by Stanford Medical School showed that surgeons using real-time VitalStream apps running in Google Glass wearables performed better than surgeons operating (on dummies) without the glasses.

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