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Twitter is Experimenting with Analytics Feature for Individual Tweets

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Twitter is experimenting with a new analytics feature on the web; that allows users to check information such as views, favorites and click-throughs.

As per a TheNextWeb report, some users can see statistics for individual tweets on their timeline and can access the feature by clicking on a small bar graph button to the right of favorite button.

User can access per-tweet stats using Twitter’s analytics dashboard, but this is the first time when the feature become directly available on the web timelines. Some users spotted the feature on their timeline for individual tweets.

Image Source: TheNextWeb

Image Source: TheNextWeb


Image Source: TheNextWeb

It is not the first time when the company has implemented analytics on timelines, in November 2014 Twitter first experimented with the additional details for individual tweets on mobile devices.

In February this year, Twitter launched a new tool called Curator for media organization that allows them to pull together an embeddable collections of selected tweets and vines.

The company had also introduced a new advertising tool – Quick Promote for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to get their better content in front of more people on Twitter. The new feature allows businesses to promote tweets directly from their analytics dashboard. It works in a manner similar to sponsored posts on Facebook.

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