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Sony Announces Pre-order of SmartEyeglass; Joins Google And Microsoft in Augmented Reality Market

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Sony had officially announced its augmented reality headset called “SmartEyeglass,” in September 2014. However, at that time, only the Software Development Kit (SDK) was available for those interested in creating apps for this new gadget. Now SmartEyeglasses are being released as a developer edition for $840 i.e, half the price of Google Glass.

The weight of SonyEyeglass is 77g with a connected control pack, housing the microphone, touch controls, battery and speaker. The wearable portion of the unit also contains a camera with 3MP CMOS, image sensor, an accelerometer, gyro, electronic compass, and brightness sensor.

Microsoft had also announced its holographic head gear in January, that is not intended for persistent use, but is more likely to be used as a specific activity for a short period of time like holographic manipulation of rendered objects for gaming or design.

In April 2014, Google had opened the sale of its wearable computer, only for one day. However, Google referred to this as a part of the “Explorer Program”, sparking rumours about  the continuity of the Glass. Google didn’t specify how many pairs of the glasses were actually sold during the one-day event.

Here is a video highlighting the uses of Sony SmartEyeglass:

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